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Masai Mara – Kenya

This was our second visit to the Masai Mare. This time we stayed in a lodge outside of the park. This would have been fine, but the road from the lodge to the park was in very poor condition, meaning that we had a half-hour journey to get to the park. If we made two trips to the park in a day, we were wasting just two hours commuting to and from the Main Gate. On our first visit, we stayed in the Masai Mara, which was a much better idea.

Once in the park, we saw little game at first but eventually found a wide range of animals, including lion, zebra and wildebeest. Rosie caught a single glimpse of a leopard high up in a tree, breaking our long run of trips without leopard sightings.

We also learned the lesson that trying to take photographs in a vehicle not designed for the job was very difficult, especially when the vehicle is shared. On the first vehicle, there was nowhere for my trusty Manfrotto Super camera clamp. This meant that I had to use a monopod, which was alright but not ideal – especially when I was using my Nikon 400mm lens. Eventually, we managed to remove part of the canvas roof cover and find a suitable fixing point.

Rosie and I ended up staying in the Masai Mare for lunch to save the two-hour break that we would have faced if we had gone back to the lodge.


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