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Richmond Park, London

Living in Chiswick means that Richmond Park is just a stone’s throw away. Every year, we join the millions of Londoners and tourists who visit Richmond Park, the largest of the capital’s eight Royal Parks and the biggest enclosed space in London. The park is a National Nature Reserve, London’s largest Site of Special Scientific Interest and a European Special Area of Conservation. It is home to the beautiful Isabella Plantation, Pembroke Lodge and herds of Red and Fallow deer.

It is hard to believe that such natural beauty could be found just a few miles from the City of London. There are over 650 Red Deer (as pictured above) and several hundred fallow deer. The Park has been a home for deer since the sixteenth century. The deer have have played a role in shaping the woods in the Park by browsing shoots and leaves below 1.5 meters and by grazing the areas of open grassland, which has kept the growth of shrubs and saplings at bay.

As Autumn takes hold of the Park, green leaves wither and prepare to fall. For a few weeks, the Park is a swathe of autumn colours and a refuge for Londoners seeking a few moments of peace and quiet.

These are some of the photographs taken in then Park representing all four seasons.


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