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Al Khora in 2019

In 2019, I visited Al Khora for an AMAR site visit. I had lunch with Sheikh Hamdami and was taken to see AMAR projects in the neighbourhood:

  • Pumping station – taking water from the sweet water canal, sanitising the water and distributing the water to homes.
  • Al Khora Womens’ Centre – with a kindergarten and training facilities for women
  • Five aside football pitch – subsequently burned down in an intra-tribal dispute

Our donor’s rules stipulated that I had to be transported in a B6 armoured vehicle.’B6 Armoured’ protection refers to the level of protection that your car has against rounds fired by rifles. The ballistic glass used for the windows in the B6 armoured vehicle has an increased thickness and stops the shots fired by an AK-47 and assault rifles. The armoured vehicle doors use protective steel plates to form an armoured capsule around the vehicle.

Since that visit, the projects have continued and the Womens’ Centre is busier than ever as saw on my next visit in 2023.


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