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Recipes by location

Over the past 35 years, I have travelled the world and experienced different cuisines that I have tried to recreate at home. This meant talking to chefs/cooks in their kitchens to get them to explain how they prepared their dishes. At home, I experimented to try to recreate their dishes. One lesson I learned very quickly was that getting hold of the right ingredients was key. This meant finding and exploring specialist grocery shops around west London, where I live. For most spices, I travel to Southall and buy in bulk. For Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Korean and Phillipine ingredients, I travel to the Hoo Hing Supermarket just off the North circular. I also shop at the Thai Smile Supermarket in Hammershith,

This ‘Recipes by location’ map shows a clickable marker for each of the geolocations tagged on the recipes on this website:


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