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IDP camps in northern Iraq

The Essian Camp opened on 22/12/2014 as a formal site for internally displaced persons (IDPs) who had settled there. The main area of origin of the resident IDPs is Sinjar, Ninewa Governorate. Now home to just over 14,000 people, the camp is managed by the Duhok Governorate. The Primary Health Care Centre (PHCC)  in the camp is managed for the Duhok Governorate by the AMAR International Charitable Foundation.

Below are photographs of some of the staff who work in the PHCC and some of their patients. AMAR established the PHCC in 2015, and I was amazed to see how well it has lasted.

Donations to AMAR to help them continue to support the PHCC can be made on the AMAR’s Total Giving page.

Here is a link to pictures I took there in 2019.


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