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White Waltham to Kemble

Kemble Airfield, also known as Cotswold Airport, is a private general aviation airport located in Gloucestershire, England. It is situated near the village of Kemble and serves as a base for various aviation activities, including flight training, aircraft maintenance, and private aircraft operations.

The airport has a rich history, having previously served as a Royal Air Force (RAF) base during World War II. Over the years, it has transitioned into a commercial facility, catering to the needs of the general aviation community and providing various services such as hangar facilities, refuelling, and flight support.

Kemble Airfield is also known for its active role in commercial aircraft storage, maintenance, and dismantling. The airport serves as a facility for aircraft recycling and end-of-life management, contributing to the aviation industry’s sustainable management of retired aircraft. One photo shows big jets in the process of being recycled.

Furthermore, Kemble Airfield (also known as Cotswold Airport) hosts various aviation events, airshows, and exhibitions throughout the year, attracting aviation enthusiasts and the local community. Its location in the picturesque Cotswolds region also makes it a popular destination for tourists and aviation enthusiasts interested in exploring the area’s natural beauty and historical attractions.

My flight from White Waltham in November 2023 was mostly into a strongish (24kt) headwind, with scattered clouds at 2500ft. The flight back was quicker, with the wind adding 24+kts to my airspeed. Views from the cockpit over Swindon were of clear skies under banks of ominous clouds. Flew via to the north of Reading.


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