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Colorized old photos

Colorized old photographs

This is a selection of old black-and-white photographs that I have tried to bring to life by repairing any damage and adding colour. The photographs include:

  • My grandfather with friends from the West Kent and RGA (Royal Garrison Artillery) in Tiensen in China in 1906
  • The Atami fish lookout in 1907, taken in Japan
  • Religious procession in Japan in 1907
  • My Irish grandfather and American grandmother – repaired black and white photo taken in the early years of the 20th century. I only discovered recently that my grandmother, Adele (née Dillon) was born in Providence, Rhode Island in April 1892 and spent part of her childhood living in the Bronx, in New York. She travelled to Ireland by boat when she was ten and met my grandfather in Dublin when she was 19. She sailed to India to marry my grandfather when she was 23. My father was born 9 months after the wedding and sailed from India to visit family in Ireland with his mother in 1917 when he was just 2 years old. They then sailed back to India in 1920,
  • Adele, Tom and Austin Frost in Poona in 1917
  • My father’s first birthday party in Pune, India in July 1917
  • A dock-side scene from India in the 1920’s
  • A shot with my father and his brother (who was killed in Burma during WW2) taken in the early 1920’s with their Indian friend, Gupta. The original black and white photograph was printed by the Ideal London Studios Ltd, 1a Beadon Road, Hammersmith…just a mile from where we now live…
  • A photograph showing my father being held by an Indian orderly wearing an RAMC badge on his turban
  • Taj Mahal souvenirs for sale in Agra railway station during WW2
  • Key members of the 604 FSS (commanded by my father) posing in their HQ located in 12-14 Rue Colombert, Saigon in late 1945. They were part of Operation Masterdom, a post-WW2 conflict with Japanese and French troops operating under the command of a British-Indian task force versus a Vietnamese communist movement (the Viet Minh) led by Ho Chi Minh
  • A photograph of a VCO (Viceroy Commissioned Officer) taken by my father in Karachi. The notes that came with the photograph indicate that it was taken in an ATC (Air Transport Corps) establishment. I think that this must have been taken in 1946 and that my father was waiting for a flight back to England. I have compared the gray scale stripes on the ribbons with actual ribbons and think that this officer has the following medals:

    (a) Distinguished Conduct Medal
    (b) 1939-45 campaign medal
    (c) Burma Star medal

    The shield on his right shoulder shows the letters “ALUCH”, which suggests that he is an officer in the Baluchistan Regiment. Several battalions of that regiment saw action in Burma.


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