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Beechlawn House, Newmarket-on-Fergus

Beechlawn House, Newmarket-on-Fergus, County Clare…now the Irish Traditional Music Institute…used to be our family home several generations ago. My paternal grandfather, Augustine Frost, grew up in this house.

Set on 2.5 acres, Beechlawn House itself is part of the living history of the village. Located just north of the village, the house’s history spans over 200 years and had been used as an infirmary during the famine, a schoolhouse and a military barracks.

Beechlawn House was bought for Edmond (1844-1917) and Mary Frost (nee Greene), but it is not clear whether this was bought by Mary’s father or by Edmond’s father. It is likely that Greene money paid for the education of this family.

Edmond’s son, William Arthur Frost (1880-1953) inherited Beechlawn and retired there after the end of WW1. He then sold Beechlawn and built the White House behind it.

The photograph was taken by the Irish Traditional Music Institute.


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