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Yopal is a city located in the eastern plains of Colombia, specifically in the department of Casanare. It serves as the capital of the Casanare department and is known for its growing significance as a regional commercial and industrial hub. Yopal is situated in the Orinoquía region of Colombia, characterised by vast plains and a diverse ecosystem.

The city has experienced significant growth in recent years, with an expanding economy centred around agriculture, livestock farming, and oil production. Yopal’s strategic location and economic activities have led to the development of infrastructure, including roads, commercial centres, and educational institutions, contributing to its status as a vital urban centre in the eastern plains of Colombia.

Yopal offers visitors and residents a range of amenities, including restaurants, shops, parks, and cultural attractions that reflect the local traditions and heritage of the Casanare department. The city’s proximity to natural reserves and national parks also makes it an attractive destination for eco-tourism and outdoor activities, allowing visitors to explore the unique landscapes and biodiversity of the Orinoquía region.

It also has an airstrip from which I was taken to the BP separation plant in a Huey helicopter, flying from Bogata in a twin-engined aircraft. The saftey briefings were memorable and reminders that not all the locals were friendly.

Photo by Hector Ramon Perez on Unsplash


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