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Willow emerald damselfly (Chalcolestes viridis)

The Willow emerald damselfly is a recent colonist, with numbers recorded increasing since 2009.
In the United Kingdom, the willow emerald damselfly is a relatively recent addition to the local fauna, with its presence first confirmed in 2007. Since then, its population has gradually expanded across various parts of the country. This expansion has been attributed to climate change, which has created more favourable conditions for the species to establish and thrive in the UK.

The UK’s wetland habitats, such as canals, ponds, and slow-moving rivers, provide suitable environments for the willow emerald damselfly to breed and flourish. Conservation efforts have been focused on protecting and managing these habitats to ensure the continued presence and growth of the species.

Various organizations and local conservation groups in the UK have been actively monitoring and studying the distribution and behaviour of the willow emerald damselfly to better understand its ecological requirements and how to best support its conservation. Conservation measures include habitat management, water quality improvement, and public awareness campaigns to encourage the protection of these important wetland habitats.

Seen in reeds by the side of the lake in the gardens of Chiswick House in August 2020, 2021 and 2023



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