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West Wittering

In November 2023, we visited West Wittering,  a village located on the West Sussex coast in England, United Kingdom:

1. Beach: One of the main attractions in West Wittering is its beach, West Wittering Beach. It is a popular sandy beach facing the English Channel and is known for its scenic beauty. Behind the beach are sand dunes (see photo). The West Wittering beach huts have been a part of traditional British seaside culture for many decades. They became popular in the early 20th century as coastal areas developed as holiday destinations.

2. Nature Reserve: East Head, located near West Wittering, is a National Trust-owned nature reserve area. It is known for its sand dunes and salt marshes, providing a habitat for various bird species and other wildlife.

3. Water Activities: Due to its coastal location, West Wittering is a destination for water-related activities such as windsurfing, kite surfing, and sailing. The beach is suitable for both families and water sports enthusiasts (see photos).

4. Chichester Harbour: West Wittering is situated near Chichester Harbour, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The harbor is known for its scenic landscapes, wildlife, and opportunities for boating and sailing.

5. Village Life: The village itself has a charming character with traditional architecture, local shops, and amenities. It attracts both locals and visitors seeking a coastal retreat.

6. Accessibility: West Wittering is easily accessible from Chichester, a nearby city, and other parts of West Sussex. It’s a popular day-trip destination from nearby areas.

7. Conservation Efforts: Conservation efforts are in place to protect the natural beauty of the area, including the beach and East Head. The West Wittering Estate, which includes the beach and East Head, is managed to balance public access with the preservation of the natural environment.


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