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Strathy Point

Strathy Point projects sharply out from the central section of Scotland’s northern coastline. Visiting its lighthouse makes for a straightforward walk with some excellent coastal views, including a dramatic arch. It is also a great place to watch for cetaceans, with whales and dolphins frequently seen in summer

Strathy Point Lighthouse is a remote former lighthouse located on the north coast of Sutherland, Scotland, and is situated on the coast close to the village of Strathy.

Strathy Point was the first lighthouse in Scotland specifically built to be electrically operated. It was initially planned in 1953 and was completed by 1958. The lighting device itself was a two-panel device with a focal length of 250mm with a 250-watt light bulb, that gave a range of almost 26 miles. The lighthouse was originally fitted with a fog horn, which is no longer used.

The Station was fully automated in 1997 and was then telemetered from the Northern Lighthouse Board Headquarters in Edinburgh until it was decommissioned in 2012.


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