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False widow spider (Steatoda Nobils)

“Sometimes known as the Noble False Widow spider – adults of both sexes are usually larger than both Steatoda bipunctata and Steatoda grossa – the body length of an adult female false widow spider is around 15 millimetres, males are a little smaller. The maximum leg length of both sexes is about 25 millimetres.
The abdomen is usually reddish, and there is nearly always a distinct cream or whitish band around the front of the abdomen. Some paler markings are also present on most specimens.
The bite in most people would be a little different to a bee sting, and there are currently few definite recorded occurrences in Britain since 1979. It constructs a scaffold web that differs from others of the genus in the exceptional strength of the silk and in the tubular retreat that is at least partly concealed in a deep crack or hole.”
Found yesterday in our Chiswick kitchen in MAY 2023.

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