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Autumn 2023 in Chiswick House Gardens

Autumn 2023 in Chiswick House and Gardens.

The golden season in London starts a bit later than in other countries. Leaves normally start changing colours in mid-October, and by the end of the month, you can spot the whole city dressed up in yellow, orange, and red hues. This gorgeous period lasts for only about two weeks, ending approximately after the first week of November.

The arrival of a Mandarin duck was a surprise as they were rare visitors.

The kitchen garden team have been drying flowers while fresh blooms are still growing under the autumn sun.

This year (2023), the leaves on many trees did not yet started to change colour until November, I think we are heading for a very short autumn season in Chiswick House and Gardens.

The rat with half a tail living by the lake near the Park Road entrance knows that winter is just around the corner.


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