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A rat’s tale in Washington DC

Just a few days in Washington DC, for a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act conference. Spent a couple of hours seeing the sights on my way to the airport and then back to London. There is some real pride in the grandeur of Washington’s famous landmarks.

The best part of the trip was in the otherwise luxurious conference hotel. During a speech by one of our keynote speakers, there was a flurry of excitement in one part of the audience that started at the back and swept through to the front. It was a large rat running under the seated participants.

The frightened rat ran across the carpet and dived into the only cover that it could see – which happened to the under speaker’s podium. The speaker stopped, hopped off the podium, and followed the rest of us into a side room where we found coffee and cookies. A hotel security guard pushed through us carrying a baseball bat and slipped into the conference room with a colleague.

A few moments later, he reappeared and announced that the rat had been “dealt with”, so we all went back into the conference room, and the speaker continued his speech.


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